Freis (Milling) Processes & Tooling


Typical parts and shapes produced by various cutting processes


Milling machines


Schematic illustration of milling machines



Milling4 Milling5



Nomenclature of a common milling cutter


Left and right hand cutters.


Milling Cutters. Helical and Plain.


Various types of milling cutters 



1 facemilling

2 square-shoulder milling

3 profile milling

4 cavity milling

5 slot milling

6 turn milling

7 thread milling

8 cutting off

9 high-feed milling

10 plunge milling

11 ramping

12 helical interpolation

13 circular interpolation

14 trocidal milling


Rumus perhitungan proses Milling:

Milling rumus

N = Rotational speed of the milling cutter, rpm
f = Feed, mm/tooth or in./tooth
D = Cutter diameter, mm or in.
z = Number of teeth on cutter
v = Linear speed of the workpiece or feed rate, mm/min or in./min
V = Surface speed of cutter, m/min or ft/min
=D N
fz = Feed per tooth, mm/tooth or in/tooth
=v /N n
l = Length of cut, mm or in.
t = Cutting time, s or min
=( l+lc ) v , where lc =extent of the cutter’s first contact with workpiece



Face-milling operation showing (a) action of an insert in face milling; (b) climb milling; (c) conventional milling; (d) dimensions in face milling. The width of cut, w, is not necessarily the same as the cutter radius.


Slab milling operation, showing depth of cut, d, feed per tooth, f, chip depth of cut, tc, and workpiece speed, v.  (b) Schematic illustration of cutter travel distance lc to reach full depth of cut.


Latihan Soal

  1. Berapakah kecepatan potong V (m/min)  pada proses Milling menggunakan cutter Ø 125 mm jika spindel berputar 350rpm?
  2. Berapakah feeding (kecepatan makan) pada proses Milling suatu benda kerja menggunakan cutter insertnya 10 jika spindel berputar 500 rpm dan feed per tooth fz =  0,1 (mm/tooth) ?
  3. Berapakah waktu potong pada proses Milling benda kerja lebar 100 mm, panjang 300 mm menggunakan cutter Ø 200 mm insertnya 16 jika spindel berputar 200 rpm dan feed per tooth 0,25 (mm/tooth) ?


Various types of end mills


Angle, concave, convex, corner and gear cutters


Effect of  milling cutter diameter on workpiece travel


Tapers used for Milling machine arborrs


The standard milling machine arbor


Arbor installation


Typical milling arbors


Typical Collet types




Quick change adapter and tool holder.


Examples of various vises


The index head and footstock


Various mounting tools


Examples of Milling Cutters and Operations